Olivewood Shaving Brush Ø21mm
  • Olivewood Shaving Brush Ø21mm

Olivewood Shaving Brush Ø21mm

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Handmade shaving brush made with olive wood and natural horse hair.

It is perfect for wet shaving. Horse Hair absorbs moisture more easily than badger hair or synthetic fibers. This allows you to load the soap quite fast as well as a better application of latther for a closer shave.

Great plastic-free alternative to synthetic shaving brushes.

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  • Horse hair. Made with the hinest horse hair mix: 50% Mane Hair, 50% Tail Hair. It is spanish horse hair that is shaved only in spring to make the horse hair healthier.  It is a way to take care of the horse.
  • Olive wood handle.
  • Brand: VIE-LONG.


  • Thoroughly clean the brush with warm soap water before use.
  • Rinse for 10 seconds after every shave as soap residues damage the fine badger hair (never use chemical agents).
  • Shake out the remaining water for drying.
  • Clip the brush into the holder. Only store the brushes in closed cases when dry.

Warning: Individual excess hair may loosen during use.


  • Loft approximately: 52 mm.
  • Knot: 21 mm.

Made in Spain.

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