Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.
  • Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.
  • Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.
  • Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.
  • Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.

Stainless Steel Baby Bottle 266ml.

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Made of brushed stainless steel 18/8. Safe, medical-grade silicone nipple. Capacity: 266 ml.

Threads compatible with Kanteen® Stainless Wide Loop Cap

Brand: Klean Kanteen.

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Whether you breastfeed, use formula, or choose a combination of both, this Kid Kanteen® Baby Bottle is a safe, toxin-free, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, and free of BPA, phthalates, and other toxins, this Baby Bottle allows natural-paced, relaxed feedings and promotes proper digestion and development.

The contoured, hourglass shape is designed for small hands, and the wide mouth allows for easy cleaning, pouring and filling.

The medical-grade silicone nipple is more than 2 inches in diameter at the base and has variable thicknesses so it feels more like the real thing. As your baby sucks, the long nipple adjusts, mimicking the way a human breast reshapes during breastfeeding, promoting correct oral development and healthy teeth. The nipple also features a double venting system, helping reduce colic and promoting healthy digestion.

The 9oz Baby Bottle comes with a Medium Flow silicone nipple ideal for babies older than 6-months.

Threads compatible with Kanteen® Stainless Wide Loop Cap. The outside is BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5), and the inside is 18/8.

Why stainless?

It’s safe, durable, doesn’t react with other chemicals (like aluminum does) and doesn’t absorb, impart flavors, or leach who knows what (like plastic does). 18/8 stainless steel—the same material used in industrial kitchens and hospitals—is completely free of BPA, lead, phthalates, and other toxins. Why would we use anything else?


They make products that are easy to clean—and keep clean. All their bottles, cups, and canisters feature rounded corners, large-mouth openings, and large-radius threads, so there are no hard angles that allow germs and bacteria to hide out inside. And most of our products are dishwasher safe.

Wide-mouth for easy filling, pouring and cleaning.

Lifetime warranty:

Their goal is to reduce single use, plain and simple. So they make products that last a lifetime. They hope you’ll use (and use, and use) your Klean Kanteen bottles, cups, and canisters until there’s no life left in them. Many of their products are recyclable, too.


Capacity: 266 ml. - 9 oz.

Height: 14 cm.

Width: 7 cm.

Diameter of the Mouth: 5,4 cm.

Weight: 0,12Kg.

Responsibly made in China.


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