Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles
  • Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles

Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles

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The Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Wild Boar Bristles distributes natural oil of your hair -regaining its natural shine-, gives volume and helps to keep it strong, healthy, and vigorous.

Brand: Redecker

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Features of the Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles:

  • Waxed Olivewood.
  • Mediterranean beauty: Olive wood not only features a particularly attractive grain, it is also extremely hard due to its slowgrowth. The high oil content makes it water-repellent, non-slip and supple.
  • 10 rows of stiff black wild-boar bristle.
  • Wild boar bristles come from animals that live outdoors on small farms.
  • Thanks to its rounded disposition, wild boar bristles pick up and style your hair extremely well.
  • Dust and dirt particles are released from the scalp and hair during brushing.
  • Bristle massage on the scalp releases roots natural oil, the so-called Sebum, which is evenly distributed through hair. This protects hair against dry and brittle ends, and gives hair a natural shine.
  • Wild boar bristles are also extremely heat resistant, even at high hair-dryer temperatures.
  • Bristles have the right hardness for brushing hair and scalp vigorously yet gently.
  • Inwork is 100% manually crafted since only a few experts master the technique of traditional bristle insertion: holes are bored into the wood and one by one the sheaves of bristles are inserted into the wood. The extra stiff Calcutta bristles used for this are so stiff that they cannot be inserted mechanically. These exclusive and rare brushes are made with skill and passion.

How to care of theRound Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles:

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Do not soak it.
  • Every now and then we must remove loose hair with the Brush Rake.
  • If you want to clean the Brush more thoroughly, we must put in a bowl tepid soapy water, a few drops of white vinegar and baking soda. Introduce the Brush in that solution and scrub the bristles with the Set Brush Cleaning Hair. Then rinse it very well so that no residue remains, drain it and dry it in the air.

Dimensions of the Round Olivewood Hairbrush with Natural Bristles:

  • Overall Length: 21,5 cm.
  • Brush Length: 9 cm.
  • Diameter: 5,5 cm.

Handmade in Germany.