Propolis Natural Soap Bar 140gr.
  • Propolis Natural Soap Bar 140gr.

Propolis Natural Soap Bar 140gr.

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Excellent shaving soap since it has a powerful both antiseptic and healing effect.

As everyday soap is particularly suitable for acne and oily skin because it is very moisturizing.

It is the healthy and eco-friendly alternative to shower gels because it does not generate plastic waste and is 100% natural.

Brand: Jabón Zorro D'Avi

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  • 100% natural soap: Handmade soap bar made of top quality vegetable oils obtained only by mechanical processes and water from a spa rich in sulfur.
  • Palm oil free.
  • Fragrances, colourants or preservatives free.
  • Excellent shaving soap with antiseptic, soothing and healing properties that calm the skin.
  • Used on a daily basis, propolis natural soap ensures perfect hygiene of the skin as well as acts as a body deodorant.
  • It also provides mild antiseptic action and prevent transmission of diseases caused by bacteria and fungi such as athlete's foot.
  • It is perfect for oily and acne-prone skins of teenagers.
  • It contains active ingredients such as B vitamins that offer both anti-aging benefits and a brighten effect on tired skin.

How to use:

  • When shaving: Thoroughly wet your shaving brush with warm water, give it a couple good shakes, and then rub it on the shaving soap bar until you get a rich  lather. Add a little more water if you want to thin  it. Use the brush to then apply in genttle circular motions on your face until the area to be shaved is covered in a generous layer.
  • Body use: Apply gently massaging directly with the soap bar or with a suitable sponge, and rinse.
  • Face use: Build some foam with your hands and then apply with a gentle massage spreading it throughout the face.
  • In case of very virulent acne outbreaks or just those with particularly sensitive skin it is recommended Myrrh natural soap bar.


  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.


  • 9 x 5cm.
  • 120-140gr.

Made in Spain.



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