White porcelain shaving mug
  • White porcelain shaving mug
  • White porcelain shaving mug

White porcelain shaving mug

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With this excellent white porcelain mug you will be able to create as much lather as you possibly need to load your shaving brush.

Traditional shaving is more respectful of both your skin and the environment.

Brand: Mühle

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  • Excellent quality white porcelain shaving crucible.
  • With extra high brim to facilitate the loading of lather.
  • Easy-to-grip knobby handle.

How to use:

  • Soak the brush for 2 or 3 minutes in warm water. Best brushes should retain water, so horsehair’s are better ones than badger’s or synthetic’s.
  • Moisten the shaving zone – the face and neck – with warm to hot water not only to soften the beard but also to open the skin pores for deep down cleanliness. An option is washing your face with warm soapy water and rinse. Though the ideal thing is shaving after a warm shower.
  • Load the moist brush with shaving soap (too much water will dilute shaving cream and if you are using shave soap it will hamper your efforts at building up a nice thick lather). If you notice that the brush is becoming too dry you can add a small amount of hot water to the brush head and repeat the lathering action. The most important step for a good shave is the application of the cream. Lather gently using circular motions all around the face, chin and neck to prepare your beard for shaving.
  • After shaving, keep the mug save in an open space to let the soap dry.

If you want to know more about how to do a traditional wet shaving, you can read our Blog post.


  • Diameter: 10cm.
  • Height: 7,7cm.
  • Weight: 280gr.

Made in Germany.


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