Washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin long
  • Washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin long
  • Washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin long
  • Washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin long

Washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin long

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This washable cloth pantyliner Ultra thin  -long- is re-usable, water-proof, super-absorbent and breathable. Ideal for daily protection, it can also be used in combination with your menstrual cup as a backup.


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  • Patented design: total reliability and comfort due to its great absorbency and water-proof inner layer. All the layers of absorbency are all attached together for convenience. No loose pieces to put together, just attach the pad easily to your underwear and go.
  • They use certified organic fabrics made with chemical free fibers that have also been tested as medical textiles and have the MADE FOR HEALTH certification that complies with the European Regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
  • The breathability of our designs avoid annoying irritations and smells caused by the plastics used in conventional hygiene products. Having organically certified fabrics next to your skins makes them ideal for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  • Extra thin and descrete.
  • Brand: Primal.

Structure of the pad:

  • Absorbent organic cotton 95% (GOTS), and celulose fiber 5%.
  • Water-proof and breathable inner layer (Oeko-Tex).
  • Adjustable to underwear with plastic snaps (Oeko-Tex).

Washing intructions

  • For best performance and absorbency, wash before first use.
  • Rinse off the blood in cold water.
  • Soak in water with a few drops of teatree or lavanda if there are not washed immediately after use.
  • Use Orethic coconut soap or hydrogene peroxide for stains.
  • Add washing soda to your laundry detergent for freshness.
  • Use natural or eco-laundry detergent whenever possible.
  • Avoid using bleach and fabric softener.
  • Wash at maximum temperature of 60ºC / 140ºF.
  • Air or machine dry tumbler dryer at low temperature.
  • Iron at medium temperature, max. 150ºC.


  • Open: 23cm x 17cm.
  • Closed: 23cm x 7cm.

Handmade in Spain.


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