Prisca Orca is imprisoned
  • Prisca Orca is imprisoned
  • Prisca Orca is imprisoned
  • Prisca Orca is imprisoned
  • Prisca Orca is imprisoned

Prisca Orca is imprisoned

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A children's story that tackles the subject of orcas that are captured to be held in captivity, considerably modifying their quality of life and their lifespan. An excellent educational tool for teaching children to protect the planet, as well as the importance of respecting the freedom of aquatic mammals in their own habitat.

In addition, this book has the advantage of being a trilingual edition (English, Spanish and French) and it belongs to a more extensive collection about the protection of nature.

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  • An educational tale about keeping aquatic mammals in captivity and the scarceness of laws to regulate this activity.
  • When Prisca Orca wakes up she is hungry and she goes out to hunt for her breakfast. When she thinks she has achieved just that, she is captured by a ship.
  • At the end of the story there is a chapter dedicated to parents, to help them to delve into this subject: aquatic mammals in captivity. This story was written in collaboration with the Sea Shepherd, an association well-known for ocean conservation.
  • Jo Bonobo, Prisca Orca and their friends – A series of books that teach children to love the planet whilst having fun.
  • Each book has been printed in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish.
  • Supported by parents, teachers and the members of various associations. In October 2016, the Jarvin Crew successfully launched their project with the crowdfunding from the platform Kickstarter. In December of the same year, the project won the "Audience Prize" at the "Dare Awards" Gala, organised by the HEC Paris School of Business and the L'Oreal Group. It also won the Prema Gyan Good 100 medal at the Good Festival in Lausanne (Switzerland) in October 2017.
  • Target audience: children 4-8 years of age, whilst also ideal for older children who are looking to learn a new language.
  • Hardcover with glossy paper inside.
  • Editor: Jarvin Crew


  • 17cm x 17cm x 1cm.
  • 48 pages.
  • Weight: 220g.

Printed in France by Book Spirit on PEFC paper with vegetable based ink. PEFC -Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, the world's largest forest certification system. A registered trademark of Imprimerie Chirat and labelled Imprim'Vert.

Jarvin Crew