Beeswax and jojoba reusable food wrap XL
  • Beeswax and jojoba reusable food wrap XL

Beeswax and jojoba reusable food wrap XL

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This extra-large food wrap is made with organic cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil. It the plastic-free & zero-waste alternative to plastic wraps.

Its large size is perfect for a watermelon or pumpkin. You can use it on large bowls and to wrap a loaf of bread.

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Features of the extra-large beeswax and jojoba reusable food wrap :

  • This reusable wrap is made with beeswax, (damar type) vegetal resin and pure jojoba oil infused into an organic cotton cloth (GOTS).
  • Zero-waste basic : it is reusable for almost a year, 100% natural & compostable.
  • Healthy food wrap: no chemicals added.
  • Moldable, breathable and at the same time insulating.
  • Plastic-free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Perfect to keep your food fresh.
  • Thanks to its extra-large size it is perfect to wrap big fruits like watermelon, a loaf of bread, or large containers and bowls.
  • Used with care it can last until a year.
  • After, you can use it as a reusable organic kitchen cloth.
  • Find all our use tips on our blog post.


  • 42x46 cm.

Handmade in Cantabria, Spain.


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