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  • Organic Plant-based Deodorant Cream 30ml

Organic Plant-based Deodorant Cream 30ml

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Matarrania’s Organic Plant-based Deodorant Cream is made with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, it does NOT contain aluminium salts, antiperspirants or sodium bicarbonate. It allows the skin to breathe naturally, whilst being moisturising and absorbing any excess moisture.

It is soft to the touch and is easy to apply. It smells fresh with a hint of Mediterranean lemon and thyme. As it does NOT contain sodium bicarbonate, it is suitable for sensitive skins.

The perfect zero waste alternative to regular deodorants.

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Deodorant creams formulated with natural ingredients do NOT contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our health, but instead take advantage of the natural properties of the oils they contain to care for your skin in a healthy way without harming the planet.


  • It’s a great plastic-free and zero waste alternative to those on the market.
  • It’s ethically made in Teruel, Spain.
  • 85% of it’s natural ingredients are certified organic.
  • It doesn’t contain aluminium, antiperspirants or sodium bicarbonate. Neither does it contain ingredients that are known to be harmful to your health such as parabens, paraffins and other petroleum derivatives.
  • It’s kilometre zero: 28% of it’s ingredients are grown locally.
  • It is vegan and is not tested on animals.
  • As with all Matarrania products, it only contains first cold press vegetable oils.
  • It’s zero waste: it comes in a glass pot with a recyclable aluminium lid.
  • As it doesn’t contain sodium bicarbonate, its efficacy is somewhat reduced. It is a deodorant designed to be used daily, effective for those with a normal level of body odour.
  • Ingredients:
    1. Corn starch: rich in vitamins and minerals, with antiseptic and astringent properties. Neutralises unwanted odours.
    2. Organic shea butter: pure, virgin and unrefined, suitable for all skin types, with anti-inflammatory, nourishing, healing and soothing properties.
    3. Organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil: emollient, skin protector and regenerator with antibacterial action.
    4. Kaolin: white clay or china clay, powerfully absorbent thanks to it’s high mineral salt content,. It reduces sweating and fights unwanted body odours thanks to its antiseptic properties.
    5. Organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil: an effective skin emollient and moisturiser, rich in vitamin E, polyphenols, fatty acids and squalene. Made in Spain, cold-pressed extra virgin quality.
    6. Organic lemon essential oil: antibacterial, antiseptic, and it works to stimulate our micro-circulation. Helps to purify and regulate the skin’s natural oil secretion.
    7. Organic thyme essential oil: it’s antiseptic, astringent, antibacterial and antifungal.


  • Apply a small amount onto clean skin, spread out and massage gently into the skin until all the underarm area is covered. It is just as important to keep the underarm area clean as it is to apply deodorant, this will help to eliminate bacteria that can cause unwanted body odour.

  • A good underarm cleaning routine can be achieved with Matarrania’s neutral fragrance-free soap and a loofah shower mitt.
  • Step 1, clean: wet a shower mitt or sponge, rub with a neutral bar of soap and then wash the whole armpit area well, rinse with water and dry well straight away.
  • Step 2, moisturise and protect: apply a small amount of the cream deodorant onto the clean armpit and massage in gently until absorbed by the skin.
  • This cream does NOT contain artificial preservatives, and therefore it should be kept closed in a cool, dry place once open.
  • Once the temperature reaches 45ºC shea butter turns into a liquid. To avoid this, keep your deodorant cream in the fridge on hot days.
  • Once open, the deodorant is active and effective for up to 8 months.
  • All the ingredients are harmless for your baby. The very small amount of essential oil contained in the product poses no risk.
  • Products made with shea butter can cause reactions in people with latex allergies. In addition, essential oils are natural aromatic substances that have been extracted from plants and therefore contain a number of components. Some of these components are allergens, hence they can provoke allergies in some people, components such as geraniol and citral.


  • Volume: 30ml.

  • Handcrafted in Spain by Matarrania.
  • Packaging: This product’s packaging uses less glass than that of traditional packaging. Hereby, Matarrania is looking to offer attractive high quality product packaging, that is also eco-friendly because it uses only the minimum amount of glass, reducing the final volume of the container. Recyclable aluminium lid. Plastic-free cardboard box.
  • INCI: Zea mays (maíz/corn) starch*, Butyrospermum parkii (karité/shea) butter*, Cocos nucifera (coco/ coconut) oil*, Kaolin, Olea europaea (oliva virgen extra/olive extra virgin) fruit oil*, Citrus limonum (limón/ lemon) peel oil*, Thymus vulgaris (tomillo/thyme) oil*, limonene**, linalool**, citral**, geraniol**. *organically grown. **naturally occurring in essential oils

85% of all the ingredients are certified organic and 100% are natural. Kaolin, being a mineral, cannot be certified organic.

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