LaVie-PURE Eco-friendly Water Purifying System 1L
  • LaVie-PURE Eco-friendly Water Purifying System 1L

LaVie-PURE Eco-friendly Water Purifying System 1L

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Thanks to LaVie you no longer need to buy bottled water. LaVie pays special attention to the design, ergonomics and the ease of use of their products. Their range helps to transform everyday tap water into pure high quality drinking water without the need for filters or additives. This purifier works with LED lights emit UVA rays and thereby purify the water in 15 minutes.

The LaVie water purification system is economical, plastic-free, 100% natural and effective. It allows for a dramatic reduction in the water’s chlorine content (and its derivatives), it also helps to reduce other chemical compounds such as certain herbicides, and also removes trace levels of drugs. It is effective at removing that unwanted taste and odour that some tap water has.



Water bottled in plastic is a big contributor to the world’s plastic waste problem, and the water inside plastic bottle also tends to be contaminated by the packaging itself. In a study published in the international peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science and Technology bottled water is an important source of microplastics that end up being ingested by humans. Would you like to know more? If so, head over to our blog post on the subject..

In addition, the French National Health Safety Agency (ANSES) declares that the filters used in water filtering jugs have been shown to reduce the pH of the water being filtered, to disrupt the water’s microbial balance and contribute to the quick spread of water pollutants (such as sodium, potassium, ammonium and silver ions). They conclude that water filtering jugs generate considerable plastic and chemical waste.


  • The best way to improve the taste of tap water whilst sticking to your plastic-free and zero waste lifestyle.
  • A premium water purifying system, without the need for replacement filters or servicing.
  • UVA light (unlike its UVC counterpart) is capable of destroying the chlorine present in tap water. The reaction results in the elimination of chlorine and its derivatives, it also significantly reduces bacteria, traces of pesticides and herbicides, pharmaceutical contaminants, residual drugs, as well as any unpleasant taste and odour that may be found in tap water.
  • The LaVie® water purifier does not affect the pH level of the water or lime. Tap water’s pH is regulated and subject to health controls that legally must be between 6.5 and 8.5, hence it’s adjustment is not necessary.
  • LaVie’s purifiers do not alter the levels of trace elements, such as calcium – essential for your well-being.
  • A good investment: As the LaVie system consumes a low amount of energy, you will be able to purify 1,000 litres of water for about €1.50 in energy costs. You will soon get your initial outlay back in savings, a family of 2 who buy bottled mineral water will get there money back in around a year, a family who uses a water filter jug will get their money back in about 2 years.
  • This water treatment significantly reduces the presence of chlorine and its derivatives, other chemical compounds e.g. certain herbicides, and trace drug levels. It also removes any unpleasant smell or taste that may be present in your tap water. The LaVie systems have premium treatment capabilities to captures and utilises chlorine photolysis, a natural phenomena of UVA light oxidising free chlorine in water.
  • How long does it take?: The water purification takes only 15 minutes.


  • Find a stable surface close to a power source on which to place your purifier. First connect the power cord to the purification case and then plug it in to the power point.
  • Once everything is plugged in, the bottom of the purifier flashes a green light 3 times to show that the electrical cord has been connected correctly. Once the light stops, your purifier is ready to use.
  • Gently place the LaVie bottle into the purification case. The system will automatically detect the placement of the bottle using a sensor. The LED lights turn blue and light up the whole bottle from the top to the bottom.
  • Once the purification process has finished, in around 15 minutes, the blue LEDs turn off.
  • You can now remove the bottle (that contains purified water) from the aluminium purification case. The water is now ready for drinking or to be stored in the fridge for later.
  • Selecting the required purification time: Your purifier is set to the standard mode by default (purification time is 15 minutes). If you find there has been insufficient taste or odour elimination at the end of the purification cycle, you can choose to change the processing time setting. To do so, first unplug the unit, then it upside down and find the small button on the underside. When you press the button, the purifier will flash a blue light that indicates you have changed to the intermediate mode (purification time: 22mins). If you press the button again, the purifier will then flash a red light, indicating that you have now changed to the intensive mode (purification time: 30mins). Press the button a third time and the purifying unit will return to standard mode, indicated with a green coloured light (purification time: 15mins).


  • WARNING! Do NOT fill the LaVie® bottle right to the top, leave a couple of centimetres of air at the top. The water is gently heated during the purification process (its temperature increases 1 or 2ºC), the water needs a little room to be able to expand slightly, if there is no space left in the bottle for the water to expand, pressure is created and there is a risk that the bottle may crack.
  • Only fill the bottle with DRINKABLE tap water, use no other liquid.
  • Use cold or warm water (min 1ºC – 40ºC max). DO NOT USE HOT WATER
  • LaVie Purifiers are only suitable for use with their corresponding LaVie bottle. Do NOT use any other bottle.
  • LaVie water purifying systems are approved for use when the surrounding temperature is between 5 and 35 °C.
  • Do NOT insert any foreign objects into the unit.
  • LED lights heat up during use, do not touch them. BURN HAZARD.
  • Keep the LaVie water purifying system away from small children.


The purification system comes with:

  1. A fine-looking anodised aluminium sleeve that delivers the UVA light.
  2. 1x LaVie® heat and shock resistant glass bottle.
  3. 1x natural bamboo cap with a plastic screw thread.
  4. 1x AC / DC 110 / 220V - 24V / 1.5A electrical adaptor.
  • Height: 31cm
  • Diameter: Ø 9cm
  • Weight: 948gr.
  • Volume: 1L

Designed in France and ethically made in China

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