Ecological water filter LaVie-PREMIUM 1L.
  • Ecological water filter LaVie-PREMIUM 1L.

LaVie-PREMIUM Eco Water Purification System 1L

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With its elegant natural bamboo design, the PREMIUM model can deliver high quality purified water, that tastes great, on a daily basis.

Stop buying bottle water thanks to LaVie, the perfect water purifier, with free from replacement pieces and maintenance. LaVie uses innovative natural technology, the photolysis of chlorine using UVA radiation.

An economic, plastic-free, 100% natural and effective way to treat water that dramatically reduces the levels of chlorine and its derivatives, of chemical compounds such as certain pesticides, and traces of drugs. It can also remove unwanted smells and tastes that can turn up in our tap water.

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Bottled water doesn’t only generate a lot of plastic rubbish contaminating the countryside, but the precious contents of the bottle also tend to be contaminated by the plastic itself. According to a recent study published in Environmental Science and Technology water in plastic bottles is a serious source of microplastic ingestion. If you would like to inform yourself on the subject, have a look at our blog post.

The French National Health Safety Agency says that the filters used in water filtering jugs decrease the pH of the water, reduce the water’s microbiological quality and also contribute to the fast spread of water pollutants (such as sodium, potassium, ammonium and silver ions). To sum up, water filtering jugs add to the plastic and chemical waste problem.


  • The LaVie PREMIUM water purifying system is very elegant with special attention given to its design. It’s ergonomic and easy to use. This product transforms tap water in high quality drinking water without the need for any filters or for additives.
  • Free from consumables and maintenance. 
  • UVA light, unlike UVC light, destroys the chlorine in tap water. The reaction results in the elimination of chlorine and its derivatives. It also significantly reduces the levels of bacteria, traces of pesticides, pharmaceutical contaminants, drug residue, as well as unwanted smells and tastes that we sometimes find in tap water.
  • The LaVie® water purifier does not affect the pH or the lime content of tap water.
  • Trace elements remain, including calcium, essential for our well-being.
  • Save money: Thanks to it’s low energy consumption, the LaVie® water purifier allows you to purify 1,000 litres of water while only adding around €1.5 to your electricity bill. The initial outlay of the purchase price is saved over the first year for a family of 2 when compared with buying bottled mineral water, or over 2 years when compared with a those who use a water filtering jug.
  • This water purification treatment allows you to drastically reduce the level of chlorine and its by-products, chemical compounds including some pesticides, traces of drugs and unpleasant smells and tastes that sometimes appear in our tap water. The very qualitative result, allows a radical change in plastic consumption practices. With the premium treatment capability, the photolysis of chlorine generates strong oxygen-based reactions in a matter of 15 minutes.
  • Duration: Purification is achieved in as little as 15 minutes.


  • Place the purifier on a stable surface near a power source, connect the adaptor to the purifier and then plug the system into a power point.
  • The base of the purifier shines a green light that flashes 3 times to indicate that it is correctly plugged in. Your purifier is now ready to use.
  • Place the LaVie bottle in the purifier. An integrated sensor will detect the bottle automatically. A strip of LED lights turn blue along the length of the purifying box.
  • Once the treatment is finished, in around 15 minutes, the LED lights automatically switch off.
  • The bottle now contains purified water, it can be removed from the box and is ready to drink or you can place it in the fridge and enjoy it later on.
  • Adjusting the length of the treatment: Your purifier is configured to a default setting of “standard mode” (a 15 minute treatment). One can adjust the length of treatment to last longer if after a standard treatment the taste or smell of the water is still not to your liking. There are 3 modes available and they are identified by a different LED colour whilst the machine is working:
  1. GREEN: standard mode – treatment takes 15 minutes
  2. BLUE: Intermediate mode – treatment takes 22 minutes
  3. RED: Intensive mode - treatment takes 30 minutes


  • BEWARE! Do NOT fill the LaVie® bottle to the top: leave 1-2cm of air. In fact, the water heats up slightly (by 1 or 2°C) whilst the treatment takes place, and if there is not a small pocket of air at the top, for the water to expand, the pressure created could cause the bottle to break.
  • Only use DRINKABLE water from the tap and no other liquid.
  • Only use cool or warm water (minimum 1°C and maximum 40°C). DO NOT USE HOT WATER.
  • Only use the LaVie Water Purifying System with the corresponding LaVie bottle provided.
  • Only use the LaVie Water Purifying System when the air temperature is between 5 - 35 °C.
  • Do NOT insert any foreign objects into the device.
  • LThe LED lights heat up when the purifier is working, do NOT touch them. BURNING RISK.
  • Do not allow children to use the LaVie water purification system.


The water purifying kit contains:

  1. An elegant aluminium tube that delivers the UVA light, it comes presented in a natural bamboo box.
  2. A LaVie® 1L borosilicate glass bottle.
  3. A natural bamboo lid with a plastic thread.
  4. Adaptor: 110 / 220V - 24V / 1.5 A AC/DC. 
  • Height: 31cm
  • Diameter: 10.5 x 10.5cm
  • Weight: 1.84kg
  • Volume: 1L

Designed in France and ethically made in China.


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