Binchotan Oak Charcoal for Japanese Style Barbecue
  • Binchotan Oak Charcoal for Japanese Style Barbecue
  • Binchotan Oak Charcoal for Japanese Style Barbecue
  • Binchotan Oak Charcoal for Japanese Style Barbecue

Binchotan Oak Charcoal for Japanese Style Barbecue

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Oakwood Binchotan Charcoal from Kōchi Prefecture, Japan.

Smokeless, odorless and with a high calorific value and long duration, it is perfect for Japanese-style barbecues.

It is very easy to use, it is reusable and it will allow you to reduce your plastic consumption.

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  • Also called white charcoal, Binchotan is a charcoal of Japanese origin used since the 17th century, of very high quality that is manufactured at a lower temperature than the usual charcoal, but for longer, which means that it does not produce bad odors when it's burning.
  • The original raw material comes from the branches of the Ubame Oak (Quercus phillyraeoides), an exceptionally hard tree native to Wakayama Prefecture, and now manufactured in various prefectures in Japan.
  • It is a 100% renewable raw material product since it is produced from the branches of the tree from sustainably managed forests.
  • How is it done? The sustainably sourced wood is placed in a kiln and charred at a relatively low temperature for longer than regular charcoal. At the end of the process, the temperature of the oven rises to about 1000 degrees Celsius which, together with the lack of oxygen, makes it take on an intense red hue. The charcoal is quickly removed and covered with a special powder made from earth, sand and ash, which gives the surface of the charcoal a whitish hue (which explains the name "white charcoal"). The rapid rise in temperature, followed by rapid cooling, incinerates the crust, leaving a smooth, hard surface. If hit, a clear metallic sound will be heard.
  • The most amazing thing about binchotan is that it produces powerful heat, even though it burns quietly and cleanly, and without producing smoke.
  • Another notable thing about binchotan is that it has no chemical additives, which means that it is very safe to grill. On top of this, its excessively high heat helps lock in flavorful juices, gives you a beautiful browning, and makes every grilled meal absolutely delicious.
  • It has no chemical additives which means it is very safe to grill.


  • One of the main reasons most people like to use binchotan charcoal is because of its efficiency, as well as the heat it produces. One remarkable thing about binchotan is that it can burn for around 3-5 hours, and once extinguished, you can reuse it for up to 3 hours. This, however, will depend on the uses.
  • If you have a very large piece for your barbecue, as it is a ceramic product, it breaks into smaller pieces with a sharp blow.
  • First, place the charcoal in a chimney starter or place the charcoal over an open flame. You will need to be patient with this step as it will take around 20-25 minutes to get a consistent glow from the charcoal.
  • Once the charcoal is fully lit, now transfer it to a grill, stone or plate one by one and make sure to place them evenly. In case you want to use only half of the grill, make sure to place the charcoal evenly on the side you would like to use.
  • Lastly, let the coals burn for about 15 minutes so they can preheat the grill. You can even move the charcoal around if you want to get more heat out of it. Now you are ready to use your grill.
  • Be patient. Some people like to grill before the charcoal is hot enough.
  • You'll know your charcoal is ready to grill by laying down a piece of chicken skin. If it blisters and sizzles within 1 minute, you're good.


These filters are handmade products. None is the same and we separate them by weight.

  • Origin: Made in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan.
  • Material: Oak Wood
  • Packaging: This product is supplied in bulk, in a cardboard box.

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