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  • Outdoor Broom with Vegetable Bristles
  • Outdoor Broom with Vegetable Bristles
  • Outdoor Broom with Vegetable Bristles

Outdoor Broom with Vegetable Bristles

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Clean your terrace, patio, garden or garage with this broom with natural vegetable bristles of Arenga and ash wood.

A great alternative to plastic brushes and brooms.

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Features of the outdoor broom with vegetable bristles:

  • Brush made of oiled ashwood.
  • This brush comes with a with black handle holder Ø 24 mm attached to the wood with 2 galvanized metal screws.
  • The brush, ideal for outdoor, is made of Arenga fibres. Arenga is obtained from the leaf fibres of the Asian sugar palm. Its natural colour is dark grey to black. Arenga is finer and softer than other palm fibres, but is nevertheless tough and elastic. Thanks to its lack of sensitivity to wetness, it is ideal for brushes for outdoor use.
  • Broomstick is made of oiled wood.
  • Broomstick comes in quite tightly and must be placed in the holder exerting some force to prevent it from being wobbly or falling once inside. For an easy fit, add a bit of damp soap or oil on the stick.
  • 100% plastic-free
  • Brand: Redecker

How to use our outdoor wooden broom:

  • Sweeping performance will enhance if you always sweep in the same direction and if you don’t leave the broom standing in dirt.
  • Do not push the broom with force, but pull it gently to conserve the hair.
  • Hang on a hook , lay flat or upside down for storage.

Care instructions:

Enjoy our products for a long time:

  • Wash the bristles with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo (or mild detergent solution).
  • After washing, drain the water, and then hang out in the fresh air or indoors at room temperature to dry (please don’t ever lay the brushes on the heater to dry, otherwise the soft bristles may dry out).


  • Length: 40 cm.
  • Width: 5,5 cm. (10 cm. with the handle holder)
  • Height: 140 cm.

Made in Germany.

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