Dust brush
  • Dust brush

Dust brush

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Oiled pearwood duster made from light goat hair with black dot or black hair with white dot.

It is very practicle and efficient to remove dust.

Fibres - Bristle - Hair
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  • Olied Pear wood
  • White or black goat hair.
  • Leather string.
  • Assembly material: The hair of the Chinese long-haired goat is by far the softest material in our brushes. Its very fine and dense hair is used in dusting brushes, in cosmetic brushes, and also in hairbrushes for babies. Before manufacture, all natural hair and bristles are cleaned, scoured, and combed in a costly multi-stage process. We call this treatment ‘finishing’.
  • Plastic-free
  • Klean it with a metal comb like this one.
  • Size: 35 cm.
  • Brand: Redecker

Made in Germany.


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