Sinplásticos' team

Our mission at Sinplástico is to raise awareness about the environmental issues concerning plastic and we source products that offer practical alternatives to plastic in general and single-use plastics in particular. Have look at our blog - there you’ll find plenty of information, advice, tips, and an e-shop with over 500 wonderfully plastic-free products!

The team

We are Marion & Javier, and we have come together with a shared ecological & social vision for our planet from our very different backgrounds - both professional & personal. Our vision has committed us wholeheartedly to create a social & business platform to make a real difference ...

We saw an opportunity. Because social awareness is growing, and ecologically-friendly food & clothes are already being produced, we could help if we created a place where we can bring together people’s desires to live a better life, and a healthier and more responsible lifestyle with the products they would like to use.

We see Sinplástico as our contribution : reducing everyone’s personal impact on the planet is possible if we all reduce our use of plastics, to appreciate & enjoy living on this beautiful planet that we share.