We are turning 5!

Hace cinco años, abríamos Sinplástico con un sueño: conseguir desterrar el plástico de cada hogar ofreciendo productos reutilizables, Five years ago we opened Sinplástico with a dream: to get rid of all the plastic in everyone’s homes by offering plastic-free products that are reusable, affordable and healthy alternatives.

A lot has happened since then:

  • We have gone from being a couple of eccentrics trying to launch a business that not many people grasped the concept of, to an incredible team of people (you can meet us here) who work hard everyday to offer you the most responsible plastic-free products on the market.
  • We have witnessed how the awareness regarding the use of plastic has spread like wildfire and we have been right there to help individuals, businesses and consumer groups to change their habits.
  • We have felt privileged to share this plastic-free journey with people like yourselves via our talks and workshops.
  • We have appeared in the media, such as The guardian and main Spanish TV channels, to help the awareness about a plastic-free lifestyle reach people far and wide.

What we feel most proud of, when it comes to Sinplastico, is not all that (although we are proud of that too), but instead everything we have achieved with you on the other end.

All this has been possible thanks to you!

Yes you, the person reading these words right now…
That’s right, you, the person who trusts us to help them on their journey to a life with less plastic, the person who rings us when they have doubts, who reads our blog posts, receives our newsletters, follows us on social media and is there to make a comment (even though sometimes we take a while to reply or we don’t get to it as we run out of time, we want you to know we read every one of your tips and the questions you ask us).
You are the most important part of Sinplástico.

Therefore, we want to show our appreciation with a gift.



One pack for every year our cooperative has been in existence:

The raffle is now closed and we are very happy because so many people took part! Here are the names and initials of the winners and we'll contact you directly by email and send you your prizes.
- Cocina : Marta P.O.
- Hogar : Ana D.
- Para llevar : Rebeca T.P.
- Personal : Anna M.G.
- Infancia : Olga C.E.

Pack 1. Sinplástico in the kitchen, valued at € 93.35

Pack 2. Sinplástico for Personal Care, valued at € 91.40

Pack 3. Sinplástico for Babies, valued at € 92.95

Pack 4. Sinplástico for Taking with You, valued at € 93.55

Pack 5. Sinplástico at Home, valued at € 94.50


Use the following form to participate. 

Please choose 2 of the following prizes

On Tuesday, November 12th we will inform the winners via email and the result will be published on the website in the following format first-name plus surname initial (e.g. Eva. F).
You can enter the draw until November 10th (inclusive).
Only one entry per person will be valid.
One prize per person.
Delivery of the prize to an address in the European Union (EU) only.